Aligning With the All



Purple candle, Frankincense and Myrrh, gold candle, silver candle.


One must be willing to accept where Deity places you within your lifeóno matter what changes may/must occur in order for this "alignment" to be successful ..and no matter where or what the situation!

Cleanse, consecrate, and cast the circle as usual. Since you are inviting the Lord and Lady to this event (it cannot happen without them!), you will need to stand somewhat on ceremony. The spell is simple, while the implications and effects are far from it, therefore respect the sanctity of the situation and heed all protocol. However, we must never forget that in circle, we are relax.

Call the quarters in your usual manner, paying mind that they all must be present as you are attempting to adjust the entirety of your life into balance (alignment).. you are seeking wholeness, so be complete with your invitations into the circle.

Invoke the Spirit (many forget to do this).

Simply ask that your life be aligned---as the heavenly bodies (planets) were so recently. You may present this request however you like, but be sure you are sincere and open to any and all changes Diety deems fit to send your way.

Thank and honor all youíve invited, partake in cakes and ale to celebrate your coming newness, wholeness. Here is a good opportunity to meditate on what you hope the future holds. Say a kind farewell to the Lord and Lady, the Quarters (or Elements/Elementals..whoever you brought in to assist you), and wish them all blessings on their way.

Some feel comfortable invoking the Goddess or God as they ask for their request, but in this case I would suggest evoking instead; remember that you are asking assistance of them regarding a very important and potentially life-altering situation, so it is best to allow them to work their will (subsequently yours, too) as they wish.