The Blessing of The Waters


Two Rituals were preformed on a daily basis at the Temple of Isis. One was the revelation of Isis - When the Temple’s statue of Isis’ was unveiled and fed and dressed. This ritual was performed in the morning. The other was the blessing of the waters, and was performed in the afternoon or evening, depending on your source. The details of the ritual, of course, have been lost. However, we do know that it was considered a ritual purifications involving the cleansing waters of the Temple.

The Astral Temple of Isis is considered the source of all waters. From its depths, flows a current of water that meanders its way throughout the temple, until it exists through the maiin entrance via the Lotus pool, through the great pylon, and into the nile. By our traditions, the water blessed by this ritual is kept in the temple. Should anyone wish to take some home with them for cleansing or healing purposes, feel free. The ritual is being performed so that people may get a feel of Isian and/or more magickal workings.

This ritual contains three basic roles : that of the leader who says certain things, that of a participant - whose parts are rotated amoung those present, and those roles said by all. These three parts will be identified as : "Leader", "Rotate", and "All" respectively.

LEADER (facing to West, use Wand):

Be far from us all who may ever wish ill, for the approach
of the Goddess is at hand. Enter into her prescence with
clean hands, and pure heart, lest the source of life
itself may be soiled.

Ring Three Bells


We come to offer you our selves
For, eigt words the ancient law fulfills,
Ain it Harm none, Do what you will
Love is the Law, Love with will

We stand in the west, to invoke the all-mother.
Mighty queen of the nights, brilliant rider of the waves We call to the winds - carry our voices.
We call to the elements - marry our wills.
We call to the directions - make clear our paths <BR.

We stand beneath the stars, in awe of their splendor
And reach up to them to drink their light
Holy mother of all on Earth and in the heavens,
Sent forth your power, let us feel the might
Of tides, and changes, of surges and quiet.

We reach to you, send down your strength
Let it pour through our bodies, and into the earth
Like a coursing fall of brilliant-hued water
Let it rise again from our feet in the Earth
and spray from our heads into the night

We are the sacred and hallowed vessels
built to hold your waters of life
Like fountains of light, we stannd in the darkness
Holy mother of night, we call you names

Isis, Astarte, Her-on-high
Rea, Brigit, gea, Pan-ge
These are your names
And we call to you.


The Temple of Isis is built of black marble
And hung with silver throughout. ,br> She, herself, sits veiled in the innermost ,br> SHe the Goddess we worship in our hearts.
She, who is many and yet one under many forms
Isis of Nature is Hator, she who wears horns on her brow
Isis of the skys is teh moon, who rides the night ,br> Isis of teh depths is the Great Mother, from which all life arises
She is the ancient and forgotten one, from whom our roots arise
On Earth, she is ever fertile
In heaven, she is ever queen. Mistress of the tides that rise and fall
Mistress of the night that darkens the sky
Mistress of the moon that waxes and wanes
Mistress of all that ebbs and flows
She ever changes, Yet enver ceases the cosmic rhythym.,br>,p> ALL:

Oh Most Holy and Adorable Isis,
Who in teh ehavens is teh supernal mother
And on Earth is our lady of Nature
And in the skys is the every-changing moon.

Ruler of all of moves and changes
Keeper of the Rhythym in hearts of all. ,br. You, who we adore in the symbol of the moon
You, who are the deep seas that reflect the moon You, who are the keeper of teh gates of life

We see you crowned in silver in the heavens
And garbed in green on the Earth
And robed in your gown of many colors at teh gates
Oh Heavenly silver that answers the celestial gold
O Green that rises from the grey O Rainbow glory of all the lives

Isis, Isis, Isis (continue chanting)

Three bells rung


O You who were before the Earth was formed
O Tideless, soundless, boundless bitter sea
We are you people and we come to you
O arching sky, and earth beneath
Giver of life and bringer in of Death
The moon beyond the clouds
The living form amoung the dead
The star above the storm
Harmony of Natures Art
Wonder, and Beauty, and terror
Wellhead of Joy, sunrise of song
Mirror of all, in which all glory
Incline, Incline your art divine
Lay bare all that is hidden
Make manifest all as yet not spoken
Come, Holy Grove
Come, Secret Mother
Holy Queen of the night,
Spread wide your pinions
And hold us within your wings


Aid us, mighty Goddess,
With Your Power to protect
Aid us, mighty Goddess,
With Your power to awaken
Show Us the Vision that we may see
Show us the Balance so that we may be
Show us the Judgement so that we may know
O You who were, and are, and shall be
All Woman and all Goddess
O You who are our begining
O You who are our end


Isis Isis Isis


In you we place our hope
In you we place our hearts
Place Us within the Sea of Spirit
Let us hear the sounds of the tides of life
Let us drink from the waters of the Living Goddess
Let us be true fountains of the living light
O Lady of Truth, In the name of Osirius, Thy beloved
Dweller in the West, and Drawer-in of souls
Come to us, come to us, bourne on the tides
Come to us, Goddess of Truth and of justice
Come to Us, LAdy of Water and Life
Come to us, Lady of Consuming Fires
Come to Us, Teach us, bringer of Life
Show us stars to brighten our dark paths
Pride of the Prescense, Bride of the Night
Dauther of Dawn, Bringer of day


Feel the wings of Isis surround and protect
Feel the wings of Isis carry us through our days
Bring forth, bring forth, the living waters
Renew the Dried and lifeless land
Stir the soul of thy husband Osirius
That he may live again
Bless and prepare this water,
That it may become a potent rememdy
For All Ills
Bless and prepare this water,
That its power may call to our
Innermost being
May it wash our wills in the
Universal sea of Spirit
That we may be blessed with
Beauty of Heart,
Purity of will,
Tranquility of soul
And enlightenment of Spirit
We call on you, O mighty Goddess of the Living Waters
Who nurses all lives by the laws of nature
To enter into this, your element of water
Open to us the depths of wisdom
Let all tides and waves and currents of spirit
Bear our consiousness onward
Hear us, O creature of water
Consecrated, faithful creature of water
Let the fullness of your nature
Make your whole subsitute
Fruitful for regeneration
Breathe, Breathe, upon the waters
O Isis, Isis, Isis

When Done, Ring three bells