A Headache Spell


Dress a green candle with Peppermint or Lavender oil. Use Peppermint or Lavender incense. Suggested background music is Soothing Rain.

Cast a circle if you like. Ask the Angels of Healing to assist you. Invoke the deities: Advilleona the Goddess of Ibuprofen and Tylenollgone the God of Acetaminophen.

As you light the candle chant: "My pain is gone, I hurt no more, Tension flies right out the door!"

Now laugh out loud to dispel the pain.

Sip Raspberry-Catnip or Camomile tea and relax ... Let the tension float away ...

Now say: "My pain is gone, You see I'm free, So now I'm smiling happily!"

Thank the Goddess Advilleona, the God Tylenollgone, and the Angels. Open the circle!

Headache Relief

Soak in a warm bath using 5 drops of these oils: Peppermint, Lavender, and Camomile. You can also make a compress using 2 drops of each oil.

Headache Tea Recipe:
Put a pinch of Lavender, Camomile, Rosemary, and Mint into a coffee filter and make it like you would coffee. Or you can put the herbs in a spice ball and leave in hot water for 15 to 30 minutes.


Native American Headache Relief

Native Americans used hot peppers for headaches. A radio program called The Medicine Shop on PBS was discussing headaches, and a woman called in and said that her father had frequent migraines and he would carry either a cayenne or jalapeno pepper in a plastic baggie with him. At the first sign of migraine, he would eat the pepper and no more headaches. She asked if there was any scientific basis for this.

They had a guest doctor on the program who specialised in headaches and he said that there definitely was. Seems as if our nerves contain a chemical substance that is responsible for feeling pain (sorry I don't remember the name of it). When you eat the hot pepper, the capsicum, which is the "heat" in the pepper, depletes the nerves of that chemical, so we feel no pain. Cool stuff, huh? Or maybe I should say hot stuff.

Pepper Pills for Headaches

I got some capsicum pills for headaches, that's the ingredient in peppers, and it does seem to help. Not as quickly as real peppers though, and not quite as efficiently either.

Relief for Sinus Headaches

As an allergy sufferer, I tend to get sinus headaches. I've found that placing my favourite crystal at my temple and visualising the negative energy flowing out into the crystal actually works. At least most of the time.
[DC's Note: This method can be adapted for almost any healing efforts.]

A note about migraines: since my sister has sworn off chocolate, she hardly gets them at all.