Spell/Ritual Outline


In making your spells, it helps to write things out in an outline first, and then work your ritual out from there. Here is an outline you can use as a guideline and even print out and fill in as you go along! Print as many copies as you need. You will probably only need to go through the entire outline for the first few spells. (The extra space is where you can write if you print this.)



Define the goal of the ritual:

Decide when and where you will work your magick, keeping in mind lunar phases and days of the week :

Find or create an appropriate chant for the spell (a simple rhyme will do):

If you will be invoking a god or goddess , decide on which one and write out any special prayers that you will use to call that diety. (For example, if you were calling Hecate, you could simply say "Hecate, Dark Goddess, I call thee!"):

Plan how you will visualise your goal in your mind. Describe it:

Decide on any correspondences, such as herbs, colours, other elements, which you want in your ritual. Write these down and decide on how to include them in the ritual. Example: "Water would be appropriate for this ritual, so I will have a bowl of water on my altar". Your correspondences:





With all this written out, you are ready to decide how you will perform the ritual using the information you have gathered. Now, let's start the magick!

At the appropriate time gather together all the items you will need for your spell and go to the place where you will be performing the ritual.

Cast your circle.

Invite whatever deities you wish to have present. Light incense to invite the God and Goddess into your circle if you wish and say any prayers you want.

Clear your mind and begin visualising your goal as you planned. You can state your goal out loud if you want to.

Raise energy within yourself as you use your chant, or raise energy without a chant if you would rather.

Light your candles, charge your stones, dance, sing, etc. to focus your attention and raise energy. Here is where you should involve your correspondences in the spell!

When you feel that you have put as much energy into your spell as you possibly can, send the energy out to do your will. Relax, thrust open your arms, do whatever makes you feel that the energy being released.

Finish your spell by stating "So mote it be" or "This is my will, so it shall be". It is a sign of closure and a declaration that you know your magick will be successful.

Close your circle and thank the deities who have been with you.

Ground your energy.

Have your cakes and ale, or cookies and juice if you prefer.

Record your ritual in your Book of Shadows and save any remaining items that you wish in your personal witch's box.

Congratulations! You have completed your working!