Money Spell



Before you begin this spell of sympathetic magick, choose a deity to call upon who is associated with abundance or prosperty. Anu,Artio, Cernunnos,Dagda,Habondia or Liban are good ones with whom to start with.For this spell you will need a green candle, some matches ,and some money, a single coin or a bill will be fine.Evoke the deity who you wish to work with,and petition him/her with your needs.Strike the match to lite the candle,feeling the deity with you,lending its devine energies to the spark.Bring it slowly down to light the candle.Again,feel the deity infusing the candle with the power of your needs.Place the money under the candle and say something to the effect of:

"This money, as all money I need, is now buried, out of my reach. Help me, (state deity's name), to burn away the obstacles in my way and reach the money I need for (state the purpose of your needs).

As the candle burns away so does my poverty.

As the candle is consumed so is my need,

and just as this pound is free of the weight holding it back,

so is the other money I need".

At this point do not use "So Mote It Be", or any other words indicating the end of a rite. Spend as long a time as possible visualising the burning away of your financial difficulties as you watch the candle burn. If you cannot sit while the candle burns clear down (and most people cant), repeat this spell on consecutive nights until the candle is burned away. As the candle burns itself out, you should end the rite with the words:


"The money I need is released. It flows freely to me,

My need is greatly satisfied.

Thank you(state the deity's name).