Traum is German for "Dream".

This is to give someone a dream about you.

Set a glass of water on your windowsill in the moonlight. This will nocturnally charge the water for future uses. Adding a quartz crystal to the glass will strengthen the consecration.

Keep the glass there for at least one night during the waxing moon, nearing the full.

After this, consecrate your bed by sprinkling it with the water.

Gather some yarrow and sage and thyme, yarrow optional. Put these herbs together in a pouch, preferably leather or cotton, but zip-lock will do.

Put the bag in the pillowcase.

Concentrate on this person and type of dream you wish them to have before you fall asleep.

Burn a candle co-ordinated to the colour of your purpose as you sleep.

Make sure you don't burn the house down!